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TyBackground of the Genome Research Institute
Unfortunately, most of us have lost someone to the ravages of cancer. There are currently thousands of Clinical Trials researching cancer. Despite dozens of fundraising projects and millions of dollars being raised, there is no slowdown in the number of cases of cancer. Since 1971, we at the Genome Research Institute have believed the solution to stopping cancer is simply to use the sequenced human genome to identify the segment of the genome that has a mutation, clip it out using CRISPER technology and replace it with a healthy segment which begins replicating the healthy sequence and stops the growth of cancer tumors.pe your paragraph here.

Binary Genes and Tumor Growth
We know where the TUMOR SUPPRESSOR GENES exist and control tumor growth. We are very close to understanding how to stop those genes from replicating.
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New Developments in BioPharm
Our recent research discovered 634 clinical studies for cancer therapeutics, and we know where the tumor suppressor genes are. Why isn't research being done to make sure these binary genes are properly sequenced to developments in BioPharm that stop tumor growth?Type your paragraph here.

STOPPING CANCER TUMOR GROWTH - The medical community knows which genes control tumor growth, and we know genes are binary. We know the correct binary configuration can stop tumor growth, So WHY HASN'T THE PROFESSION DEVELOPED THIS TOOL!! Stopping tumor growth is the first priority of the Genome Research Institute!Type your paragraph here.

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