Why Target Candidates on Social Media?

​  Recruiters - Want to reach waves of the best candidates -

  • Those already employed and not looking, or those involved in Founding a business and not looking.  
  •  Target executives from several of your competitors.
  •  Attract applications from students before they've even entered the world of work.

Whatever your hiring goals are, it's a simple fact that every additional suitable candidate that sees your hiring message takes you a step closer to a successful hire.  That's why you love targeting your ideal hires on LinkedIn and approaching them direct...

The objective of Siliconlaunch.com  is to be the site that attracts highly talented people  who visit us to read about ideas, company growth, promotions, technology and new successes, but will see your Job Listings. Talented people visit our site to read about ideas,  company growth, who is being hired, who is being fired and they tell their friends about it which helps you listings  gain vast exposure.  go viral. we take that same rationale and apply it for you across social media. Which is why our solution wins hands down over traditional job board advertising.

Your Winning Hiring Campaign Includes:
Super Mobile-Friendly Job Ads - capture candidate interest with job ads that work beautifully across mobile devices. Plus speedy results -  your job listing can be posted in 48 hours.

A Simple Application Process - convert candidate interest into applications by offering tailor-made mobile-apply options (apply with LinkedIn or apply with a cloud-stored resume, direct from a mobile).

OPTION 2 Hyper Targeted Social Media Interest - we don't rely on the right candidates visiting a job board and finding your job. Instead we research where your target candidates can be reached on social media and then get the job in front of them. In a candidate-short market you have to be proactive.

A Simple Statistics Roundup - where were your candidates reached, which sources produced applications, does your advert convert candidate interest effectively? Everything you need to know to ensure that each campaign builds on the success of the last.

No Long Term Contracts - just buy the ad volumes you need. We're confident the results will have you coming back for more. So there's no ongoing commitment, just the certainty that our team will be working hard to bring success to your campaigns. 

Buy a single trial campaign at the top of the page (30% discount), or put us to the test with a variety of your roles. Our super trial bundle offers 5 campaigns with a further 15% discount - and you can use them anytime in the next 6 months.
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BioMedric Data Manager 
Redwood City, CA 
The BioMedical Data Manager (BDM) at Genomic Health, Inc. (GHI) is responsible for ensuring the accurate, complete and timely collection and delivery of laboratory and clinical data for analysis, reporting and presentation. The BDM is expected to provide functional expertise to study teams. jobs@siliconlaunch.com

Director Information Technology Project Office
Genomic Health
Redwood City, CA, US

Assistant Director, Enterprise Information Management - Information Technology (MGR)
University of California
San Francisco, CA

Senior Project Manager, PMO -- Corporate Information Technology
SunEdison - CA - Belmont .

 University of Fredericton Canada #hiring a #DigitalMarketing & #Advertising Specialist - Fredericton, NB  http://hubs.ly/H08gSjT0   

Account Manager and Jr. Account Manager - San Francisco Bay Area



 Use the form below to submit your job listings -  No charge for the first 25 listings we receive. After that the fee will be just $295 for an entire month.  If you job is filled within that month, you are welcome to post another job. 

ANNOUNCEMENT - Siliconlaunch and Northstar Global Business Services Inc $MEDIN have  formed a partnership to focus on medical cures based on transfer of genomic sequences. More news to follow

@HaikuDeck is hiring for node/JS engineer in Seattle: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/sof/5302401900.html